G/A Shotblasting Company

Floor Preparation

Dalgren Navy Base VA



Shot Blasting an outdoor inline Hockey Rink.

Shotblasting here insured a great bond for

Phazer Inc.'s PH 50P Waterbased Epoxy Primer

This floor was originally VCT. The tile was removed and then an epoxy coating was installed directly over the glue! We were called in a few days after that when the epoxy started to peel off the floor and the glue was being tracked all over the place. "Its all in the prep" was demonstrated here. Poor prep led to a total disaster. We removed the epoxy, the glue and then prepared the floor correctly. Notice around all the shelf units, no glue. These were all hand grinded before they were shotblasted.

LIJ Hospital Warehouse
Toll Booths at Brooklyn Battery Tunnel


These toll booths were going to be coated with a special traffic coating. Our preparation insured proper adhesion.