G/A Cleaning and Shotblasting Company


Walgreens Astor Place NYC

On this job the deck upstairs and downstairs was wood and in need of leveling. We installed 1-3" on average of self-leveling cement.


On top of a 2.5" base of cement we inlaid metal plates 1/4" thick 8" wide in 8' squares. Inside each square we installed a self-leveling cement. The area was then hand toweled with a special decorative overlay that looks like clouds. This is a truly magnificent decorative floor!

American Eagle NYC
Aveda NYC


Working with Nucor Const. we developed a gorgeous "concrete look"  flooring system. This floor is a type of self-leveling cement with a special feature added (its a trade secret!!!). This captured a very Earthy quality that the client was looking for.